Pupu Cooler


Introducing the New Pupu Cooler...


Tired of bobbing food containers that tip and open when the ice in your cooler begins to melt?


The Pupu Cooler is our first product of Sachi Kitchenware's lineup of clever and convenient kitchenware creations.


Constructed using common insulated cooling methods and our new design, the Pupu Cooler is both an innovative and functional product. See How the Pupu Cooler Technology Works.


The Pupu Cooler is stylish and reusable making it the new must-have product for your cooler collection! Guaranteed to keep your pupus cold and fresh for hours, Pupu Cooler makes a great addition to any picnic or party! Get yours today!



Pupu Cooler for Picnic or Party

Hawaiian Meaning for Pupu



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